In the present times the fuel which we are generally consuming as an energy source to fulfill our daily and regular energy requirements are petroleum, coal, kerosene, propane and natural gas. If we notice then we will find that all of them are non-renewable and hence when we use a single drop of such energy it means that drop can be replenished after several thousands of years only. This has also contributed a lot to one of the biggest problem of mankind, the global warming as due to urbanization and industrialization we are gradually depleting our non-renewable resources. So to save our planet, we have to go for the renewable sources, which we commonly neglect.

It is obvious that the sun is the source of energy, and the solar power which is very much abundant in hotter nations, is said to be a renewable source of energy. Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy with the help of solar panels and if it is implemented in large scale the total cost will go much lower than that using non-renewable resources. The other forms of renewable energy sources are biomass sources, chemical energy, vegetable oils and bio diesel. These not only provide us the renewable energy sources but also highly beneficial to the environment.

Another form of energy is the wind power. Power can be generated through wind turbines. These turbines, when exposed to the high speed winds, rotate at its full speed and then generate power like other turbine. Green energy refers to the power that is produced by wind and this will be produced at various places where there are strong winds that are blowing.

Hydropower or energy from water is also a renewable form of energy. When water fall from a large height, the turbines start to rotate and convert the stored potential energy of waters into electric energy. These energy sources are very cheap and are very friendly. These energy sources that are being used will save not only the earth but also the lives of people. So being a human, we are really responsible to protect not only our self but most of our planet planet.

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