Most are assuming that the print media industry is dying away. It is because of increasing prevalence of television media, online websites and mobile applications that disseminate stories of all over the world through video records or live streaming facilities. However, there are no such chances because mobile apps came as the biggest rescuer for players in the newspapers and magazine industry. People can gather updated news and recent stories from different corners of the world by tapping into an app on their phones or tablets. A majority of magazine publications and news agencies are leveraging the apps to reach their target readers. Newspapers or magazines agencies who are still wondering how is that possible, read on the following section.

Apps offer Subscription that escalate earnings

While news and magazines offices are struggling hard to earn some cash in this immensely competitive world, subscription through mobile apps can address their concern easily. Subscriptions prove more successful because news and magazines become available on the app only when one subscribes to it with a minimal amount for a certain period like monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. However, if the prior aim of the magazine company is extending its reader base, then it is wiser to go for a limited period policy, where some basic content is available to readers for free and to read on further they have to get the subscription plan.

Apps provide uninterrupted access to news stories and events

Without a doubt, newspapers or magazines apps are going to offer an immersive experience to the readers with on-the-go news, stories, match/tournament updates and other events around the world. While apps with enhanced user-interface deliver seamless and exhilarating reading experience, flexible navigation helps the reader to check out any news on any category in details.

Prompt sharing of news via apps increases reader engagement

Apps allow instant sharing opportunity to the readers with their friends or family if they have liked any news or want others to know about it. Every app is built with social media integration that empowers readers to share important or most relevant stories with others just with a tap. Since, social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn became a pre-dominant aspect in everyday’s life of people, it is advantageous to make use of social media integrations or pages as readers get some pinch of news every hour whenever they log into their social accounts.

Apps will retain more readers than ever

Readers can get tons of content on mobile apps which is why it becomes easier to retain them. If a user earlier liked the content of a magazine or the genre of news shared by a news publication house, they can download its app and go through its daily publications just by scrolling down their mobile screens.

Newspaper and magazines applications are bound to salvage the dwindling print media industry, entitling the readers to several advantages. They can customise their news search, get notifications on the current happenings, share content, and so forth. As a matter of fact, every news or magazine agency must now go for developing a viable and user-friendly app to get more number of readers and maintain a considerable reader base.

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