How would you like to have a gaze that attracts people to you? It becomes impossible to look away from your eyes. They magnetically attract others. Imagine that while you're talking with someone from the opposite sex they just can not look away. You have something that fascinates other people: meaningful and meaningful eyes. If no one completed your eyes, they will just after you practice the magnetic gaze.

Who I learned the magnetic Gaze

I'm a scholar of the occult and esoteric discipline. This was something that always fascinated me. At first only because it was different. But as I discovered on my learning I found out that the ultimate goal is personal development. That's what I focus on: growing as a human being.

I devote myself to that in my life. I learn and practice what I think it's useful for my development. Some things work, others do not. I do not discriminate things just because they come from a less than scientific background. And if they work for me, I teach to my students. Only after they make it work is when I consider that this thing is real and it works.

That's what happened with the magnetic gaze. I first learned it when I was studying an occult discipline. Later I learned than magicians and witches were using it for centuries. In fact, in occult folklore it's called "evil eye" or as the Italians call it "malocchio" . They call it that because the legend says that if trained correctly it has the potential to kill a person. This gives a whole new meaning to the sentence: "if looks could kill".

This is one of those things that it's a pure legend. I met many people who practiced this gaze for decades and not one of them could do anything of the sort or ever met someone who did. But they did have one thing: the most profitable and magnetic eyes I ever saw. It's like you can not stop looking at them. It fascinated me and I had to learn it.

There are only a few books who teach this magnetic gaze, most of them are from the XVIII century who never got a translation to English and are out of print literally for centuries. On some of the modern ones, the authors present the teachings of this gaze as a way of influencing others, clairvoyance among other things. This is one of examples where authors greatly exaggerate human abilities. There's many benefits to this gaze, but I've listed them mostly above. Do not believe the hype or false claims. Practice and decide for yourself what is real and what is fiction.

Practicing the Magnetic Gaze

Since most books where you can learn this are rare or out of print and I truly believe in spreading the knowledge, I developed a free program that any person can follow in developing this gaze. It was based on many of those rare books and other things who were only passed on by oral tradition.
This week I'll present you with the first task that you must do for 7 consecutive days. Keep in mind that once you start you'll have to do it daily until it's complete or else it will take a lifetime to master this simple thing. It should not take more than 15m to a maximum of 30m a day. If you decide to practice the exercises I will give you, use them at your own risk and most importantly, use your common sense. If you feel any pain or weird feelings, stop doing them. Remember to remove your glasses or contacts before you do any of these exercises.

Exercise 1 – The Fixation Look

Choose any small dot on a wall (every wall has them), or print a circle with a dot in the middle and glue it to a wall. The goal is to spend 3 to 5 minutes looking only at that dot without: 1) BLINKING 2) TWITCHING THE EYELIDS 3) MOVING YOUR GAZE ELSEWHERE and with EYES WIDE OPEN (open your eyes completely, the more the better).

Remember, do not blink! If you blink you'll have to start all over. Keep your gaze fixed on that dot; do not look even an inch to the sides, it has to be precisely on that dot. Only this way you'll develop that fixation look. It's hard but practice makes perfect.

Some books says you'll have to reach an hour. But it's an exaggeration. It's almost humanly impossible to pass the 30m mark with that steady gaze. 15m to 30m is more than enough for our purposes and is an achievable goal. Since you are just starting, for the next 7 days try to reach at least 3m, or 5m at the maximum. Only when you reach the minimum of 3m you'll be ready to exercise 2. Practice at least twice a day, and do not despair if you can not do it right away. It takes time and practice to do this.

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