Antivira AV Virus is another online infection that poses as a fake antivirus program and looks professional enough, that the hackers who created this virus program are capable of using online users into buying the false upgrade. This application will notify you that your computer is infected with lots of virus, Trojans and many other security risks that you must remove. The recommendation of the program is to purchase the full version, but unfortunately this program will not do anything to clean your system. Many users have been tricked because this program causes serious problems in your computer like preventing Task Manager from loading and blocking Internet access. This program should be removed from your system so that you are able to fix the errors and do away with the frustrating false system scan notifications.

What Is This Virus?

Antivira AV is actually a virus infection categorized as a "malware" or a piece of malicious software. This type of infection enters your system and automatically installs the program interface that you are seeing by downloading a false email attachment or visiting a malicious website. Once the virus has been set into your system, your PC will begin to be bogged down with various errors such as programs not being able to load and Windows features being disabled besides the numerous pop-ups informing you of false infections. This program allows the hackers who created it to steal personal information stored inside your PC that is why it is imperative that you remove this program as quickly as possible.

How To Get Rid Of Antivira AV

The way to get rid of the pesky Antivira AV Virus requires you to do 2 steps. In the first step, you should stop the virus from running, while in the second step you should prevent the virus from coming back. The real difficulty lies within the first step as the virus was designed to be resilient and will not be closed using the close command of the Antivira AV program, nor can you use Task Manager as it can not be used because the virus will prevent it from loading. What you need to do is work around the effects of the virus and enter Windows using "Safe Mode" or terminate the processes of the virus using an application called "rkill" and other similar programs. After you have disabled the virus, you can proceed in locating and deleting all entries of the virus. This step in the main reason why many PC users are not comfortable with this 2-step process especially those who are not very knowledgeable in working around a PC.

The best way to remove the Antivira AV Virus is by using powerful "anti-malware" programs that have the ability to detect and delete pesky malware. These programs can work if they are from big and legitimate software firms who have a reputation to protect computers from viruses. Our tests reveal that an application called "Frontline Rogue Remover" is the best anti-malware program in dealing with the Antivira AV Virus, which operates by showing you how to stop the virus and then efficiently removes all parts of the virus. By downloading and installing this program, you will ensure that your system is protected from future malware infection.

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