No matter how much you talk about an architect, you know that you can never be like him. After all, he spends half his life in educating himself in this field and the other half creating mansions, bungalows, row houses, commercial complexes, etc. to be a part of History. There can be nothing better than having an architect by your side, if you want to have a nice house constructed on a piece of land that you own.

But what are the roles that an architect plays? What makes him so important in the society?

Here are the top ten roles that he plays:

1) He designs the building: Most of the architects begin as construction designers and planners and end up as consultants. When they think that they have designed enough buildings, they move on to consulting the clients and teaching the newbies in the field.

2) He consults the newbies in the field: There are a lot of young lads and ladies, who graduate in the field of architecture; the professional and senior architects guide them to shape their careers in a brighter way.

3) He consults the clients, who approach to him for professional advices on constructions: He knows how to give proper consultation to those clients, who have already made the design and plan of their homes or commercial complexes.

4) He stands firm until the construction is done under his guidance: It is essential for the architect to stand on the site, as and when he can, to find out if the construction is conducted properly or not.

5) He issues the drawings of different constructions: Unless he issues the drawings, the constructions on any plot can’t start at all.

6) He inspects the works conducted on the construction site: He ensures to supervise the ongoing activities on the construction site.

7) He uses technology and recent developments to progress in his field: He knows how to make use of the latest technological developments to make more out of the field he is a professional in.

8) He knows how to cope up with his work, even if he is not on the construction site: When he knows he is unable to make it to the construction site, he guides the process in other ways.

9) He guides workers at the construction: It is his responsibility to give proper guidance to all the workers working on the construction field. Unless he guides, the workers are unable to understand what to do.

10) He knows how to use software in his field: There are several developers that are into the designing of different software for architects; he knows how to use them.

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