It is not that easy to write a review. This is most especially true if you are writing about the Nokia Lumia 800. So what made me say this? Well, there is the design factor which is quite familiar. There are also the new features that are now bundled into this phone. Yes, this handset may have the same outer appearance or design like Nokia's first and only MeeGo handset the N9, but this handset will surprise you from the inside out. Let's find out more about this handset. Read on!

The Nokia Lumia 800 established the same old design as the Nokia N9, we all know it by now. But when it comes to software, you will notice a whole new story. Just ignore the fact that it used an old design and focus on bigger stuff like software. Let us start with the phone's new Operating System. Yes, this phone is now equipped with Windows Phone 7.5 (also known as Windows Phone Mango OS). It is also backed up by an unremarkable specification sheet. If you simply look at the new software, you will instantly recognize that this is a huge upgrade from the popular N9 and older Nokia handsets.

This handset comes in with a dedicated camera key for its 8MP rear-facing shutter. The phone's dual-LED flash is also positioned in a different way. You will also find new Windows Phone keys on the phone's front side. Yes, again there is a similarity to the actual design of the N9 but we simply can not blame Nokia for keeping the splendid old design. What you feel in your hands and see with your eyes is a seamless piece of soft touch plastic casing. It is curved in a way that all of its sides are nicely tapered towards a flattened out top to bottom surfaces. The phone's curved screen is also a huge and welcomed addition to this design. Overall, the phone's ergonomics and weight balance will give you that modern technology feel and look.

The phone's right side is where you will find its power / lock button, volume rocker, and dedicated camera key. You will also find the phone's Windows Phone capacitive keys under the screen. The handset features a soft matte finish (polymer built). With this, your phone will stay the same and with the same consistent color. It is resistant to abrasions as well. The phone's back is built on metal plate. With this handset, you will also get a silicon case.

The Nokia Lumia 800 may have an old design, but then again it is all worth it with its new features.

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