What is Bluetooth technology? Many are asking this question since the gadget being discovered more than a decade ago, in 1994. The technology of wireless Bluetooth is all about short range communication that effectively eliminates the use of wires connecting devices, at the same time stills high security level.

Bluetooth has turned into an in-demand gadget if only because of its low usage of power as well as cheap cost. Bluetooth specification offers structures for a variety of gadgets to easy connection and communication with one another.

Bluetooth technology through the years has gained worldwide popularity because of the outstanding satisfaction that is provides such as enabled devices. Bluetooth gadgets connect without cords via short distances and networks called piconets.

A single gadget can connect with multiple gadgets within one piconet all at the same time. This means that each gadget can belong simultaneously to a number of piconets. Such piconets are established as gadgets that are Bluetooth enabled finds itself in and out of the area of ​​the radio.

What is Bluetooth in terms of strength? One major strength of Bluetooth is its capacity to handle data as well as voice transmissions, all at the same time. Such is a strength that is very useful as this will allow users to fully enjoy a great amount benefits and advantages such as fax and print capacities, hands-free communication and other important application.

What is Bluetooth technology in terms of spectrum and specifications? When it comes to spectrum, the Bluetooth works in scientific and industrial band of 2.4 to 2.485 gigahertz, with the use of spread spectrum signal. Likewise, unlike other wireless standards, the specification of Bluetooth provides product developers both application and link layer definitions, thus supporting applications on voice and data.

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