According to Microsoft’s website, a runtime error 216 is indicative of a Subseven Trojan virus. Runtime error 216 usually occurs on a pre-Vista version of Windows, locking up the machine, interrupting programs, and forcing reboots.

What is the Subseven Trojan Virus?

The Subseven Trojan is one of the most popular public-access viruses known.

The infection usually comes from the user unwittingly downloading the virus from email attachments. As a rule, always scan files for infection before opening and downloading them.

When the.exe is run, the backdoor copies to the Windows directory, usually under the names “SERVER.EXE, KERNEL16.DL, RUNDLL16.COM, SYSTEMTRAYICON!.EXE or WINDOW.EXE”.

Then it unpacks “WATCHING.DLL” to your Windows system directory.

After it’s done that, it will patch your Windows registry to run on bootup. Then it modifies registry keys.

What Does Subseven Do?

The virus is capable of a number of things. Namely, it allows a third party to access your information, such as log keystrokes and take screenshots of your workstation.

Here are some of the things that the virus will do to you:

o Monitor and log your online activity (particularly email, purchases, and chat)

o Slow down your downloads

o Reboot Windows

o Disable your antivirus and firewalls

o Download files without your permission

o Log Keystrokes

o Open an FTP server on the infected PC

As you can see, Subseven infection is a very serious problem. It essentially gives full control of your computer to a third party hacker.

Delete Subseven Trojan with Updated Antivirus Software

This virus can be tricky to delete because it essentially morphs as every “user” tends to tweak it during use.

First, you’ll want to disconnect your computer from the internet. This should prevent interference from the hacker. Boot your PC in Safe Mode.

Be certain that your antivirus programs are updated and geared toward specifically deleting this Trojan infection. Run a deep scan on your PC. It might take a few scans or you even might have to use different software. As I said before, this virus can be difficult to find and hard to remove.

Once you are certain you have found and removed the malicious software, I suggest defragging your computer, following that with a registry cleaner.

For more information on viruses, runtime error 216, and registry errors, check out this website for all your troubleshooting needs.

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