Video marketing has been around for a few years now but only accessible for the big companies that can spend money and employees to develop the video's in all kinds of formats. Internet guru's have always had an advantage on discovering the newest techniques in internet marketing. If they come up with something you can be sure that it most probably will be a hype in the years to come.

Video marketing will replace the common sales letter as you see it now on thousands of websites. The sales letter is made to convince people to buy a definite product or service. Mostly it is one page long and the potential customer is guided in a state of "I can not leave this page without buying this product / service".

In the recent past adding video to a sales letter has been very common and all of the top internet sellers have used it on their sites. And it has proven to be very effective. Also the popularity of YouTube has been a fundamental influence in this. It has never been easier to upload a video and then copy it to your own website.
In addition the video was used as a promotion for the website on YouTube.

Now technology keeps going fast and we now have no idea what will be possible in 10 years from now. But smart marketeers have already come up with something that will change the sales process again.

In the next few months you will see websites changing from sales letters with or without video to sales pages with only video on it. it is now possible to make a video and have opt in links, PayPal buttons, links in general within the video and you can click on them in the video. This will be a huge change as uptil now this was not possible. When you saw a video on a sales page there was always a link below the video or more on in the sales letter that you could click on. This is the past.

This will not stop on video marketing for professionals these applications will become common use also privately. I can not foresee all applications possible but it will be e huge difference.

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