1. Confidence – This is a must for anyone in any situation. If you have no confidence people will walk all over you.

2. Ability to "Not Care" – Let's say your girlfriend flakes on you, if she says sorry just let her know that you had a great night out with your friends. Appear more happy then mad.

3. BE A MAN – "Keep your head up, stick your chest out, and handle it"

4. No Apologies – Without you spill your soda on her there's no reason to apologize. Your a man you do what you gotta do and do not ever regret it.

5. Never Get Angry – You like to get hot headed sometimes..DONT this is a weakness that girls easily can take advantage of.

6. When Angry Laugh Think of the funniest joke, YouTube video, or anything in particular that will always make you laugh.

7. Dont mention or talk bad about her friends. You do not need to bring her friends into the picture. Especially if it's a guy because the more you bring him up the closer she will get to him. Keep her mind on you.

8. Always be cool Your man, where your at is the place to be, people think highly of you. Hold on to this mind state and do not let go.

9. When she speaks ignore her. Basically you do not hear her the first time, or if she's finished telling a story you can say something like "what."

10. The 5 Minute Rule Say your on the phone, start up a regular conversation for the first two minutes, in the third minute throw a compliment in there nothing to cheesy though, in the fourth minute start flirting ALOT, and when it feels like the conversation is at its peak … tell her you have to go. This is a mind trick that will keep her thinking about you after the phone call.

11. Master Reverse Psychology Girls want you to figure stuff out on your own, if she tells you what she wants … it's usually the opposite.

12. Do not ever call back if she says she'll call you back – If you call back it just makes you look lonely and desperate.

13. Do not Ever Call More Than Twice a Day. If you call more then twice your just bugging.

14. Three rings then hangup. This goes for anyone you are calling, if you let it ring three times then hangup it makes the person wonder "hmm why did he hang up so quick? What is he doing?" They will call back 85% of the time, and this also lets you know if they're busy or not. If they do not call back most likely there busy.

15. Do not show emotions or feelings If you tell her how you feel she will get bored.

16. Use body language Body language is louder then words.

17. Be a leader never a follower. Stare through your rear view. Know what direction your going.

18. Always smile and have fun No matter how hard it is SMILE !! It will always make you feel better.

19. People have weaknesses. Turn them into your STRENGTH Notice what moves people make, and learn from there mistakes.

20. Do not fall in love whats love spelled backwards?

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