Filming videos to upload to YouTube is not hard at all. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to submit your videos online. There are a number of websites that allow you to directly upload your videos to YouTube with the click of a button. All that is required to get this done is a camera, a computer or phone, and a YouTube account.

To make your videos, the first thing you will need is a camera. There are many types of cameras you can purchase to shoot videos. Here are some cameras you can use:

  1. Webcam- You can purchase a webcam separately if one is not included with your computer. They are fairly inexpensive. Some of the cameras come in bundles that include a headset and microphone.
  2. Digital Camera- For instant review of your video, you can purchase a digital camera that records videos. These have features that help optimize your videos like HD, optical zoom, and 12 or more megapixels for sharp images. If you are recording videos yourself, you could also invest in a tripod to hold your camera while recording.
  3. Flip cameras- These are pocket video recorders that have a USB connector that you just plug into your computer or laptop and download with the click of a button. You can record in HD for the best quality videos.
  4. Cell phones- You can record videos with your cell phone and upload it directly to YouTube if you have mobile internet access. They are convenient if you want to catch a funny moment or have some exciting news to tell your friends.
  5. Data phones- (ie Blackberry, iPod, or Android) – These phones have the ability to download applications that you can use to perform almost the same task as you can on a home computer. With the internet options on these phones, you can upload and edit your videos onto the YouTube website.

Now that you have taken the video, the next thing you would need to do is upload them to your desktop computer or laptop to do any editing. It is not necessary to edit your videos, but if you want to add transitions, a title page, or your contact information on the video it would be a good idea. Be sure to save the final video in the required format that YouTube accepts.

Making videos does not require too much equipment. Just add your imagination and the rest is easy. Now, go make some videos!

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