Today, you no longer need to have a studio in order to transfer audio from cassette tapes to CDs. You no longer need special knowledge and skills to accomplish this. In fact, any average person can do the task as long as he has the right home recording software and hardware. Therefore, Read this article for more information on how to convert your favorite and important audio cassette tapes to CDs and bring old memories back.

What You Need To Do This?

Again, what you need are home recording tools. You basically need a cassette player and the cassette tapes you want to convert. You would also need a computer to run the conversion. Then, of course, you need a CD so you can store the audio. You would not be able to do so though if you do not have the right software. That is why you need to find an audio recording program and install it. To connect everything together though, you also need stereo cables as well. 

Connect Your Cassette to the Computer

Start by connecting the input of the computer to the output of the cassette player. Take note though that computers may have RCA outputs. So, you may need to a special RCA to 1/8-inch cable adaptor. The good news is it’s quite easy to find the said cable in hardware stores. Nevertheless, if the cassette has a ¼-inch output, this is the size you should buy. 

Record and Convert the Audio in Your Computer

Before you start the conversion, make sure that you already have the software needed for the recording, conversion and burning of CDs. If you don’t have the said programs, there are several affordable software on-line. Make sure that you use a software which supports all the required features in one interface. If you use multiple software to record, edit and burn CDs, you may end up loosing a chunk of quality from your recordings. Don’t worry, there are several products that support all features in one interface.

Now, Open the program used for playing and recording of the cassette audio. Then make sure that the input of the recording program is set to “Line In”. Then start recording in the computer program and play the cassette player too. When the track is finished, simply stop the recording in the computer and the cassette player as well.

After recording the track, you can edit it to remove certain segments or commercials. Please note that editing the track is not necessary but you can do that if you want. After editing the track, you can save the recorded file in various formats like wav, mp3, mp4 according to your desire.

Burn The Recorded Files To CD

Since the files are already in the playable form, all you have to do now is to copy the audio files into a CD. This feature is available in most cassette to CD converter programs. You just need to add the tracks you want to burn and start burning a CD. You’ll not need any separate software to burn the CDs but just one software will do everything for you.

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