ThinkPoint is a new fake security program that is installed by a ransomware trojan. Once installed, ThinkPoint basically prohibits you from running your programs claiming that the program you are trying to run is infected and must be shut down. On computer startup, ThinkPoint runs a fake security scan and claims to find several infections, some of which require so-called 'heuristics module' in order to be removed. If you accept to remove the injured infections, ThinkPoint opens up a sales page to try to sell you the fake update for $ 59. No matter what you do, do not buy this program as you would be wasting your money and may even be jeopardizing your credit card information.

Depending on the severity of your infection, ThinkPoint removal can be very straight forward or a bit more challenging. As mentioned above, ThinkPoint blocks you from running programs including browsers and antivirus products. It does this in order to block removal attempts.

Since ThinkPoint forcefully runs itself at startup, you basically have to use its own settings to allow you to run your programs. Follow the steps below to remove this pest:

  1. Click on ThinkPoint's Settings button and choose the option 'Allow unprotected startup'.
  2. Click on the X to close ThinkPoint.
  3. The above two steps should allow you to update your existing antivirus and run a full scan to remove this infection.

If your antivirus does not pick up ThinkPoint, you can follow the steps gone here to remove ThinkPoint and any trojan that may have come along with it.

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