Great sound from our computer system is a must in today's society. We use our computer's for all kinds of things dealing with sound like video or movie watching, listening to music or playing games. They have essentially replaced our entertainment centers. This is why problems that arise with our sound drivers can be very frustrating.

Most sound errors occur when installing a new sound driver. There are a few places you can look at correct errors, like your motherboard. Many motherboards come with an onboard audio chip. If you are trying to install another sound card, you need to make sure have made this chip inactive while installing the new card using the manual, or the following next step.

You will need to access the bio menu containing all the data and info about devices that are connected to the motherboard. This is where you can double check to make sure your audio chip is actually disabled. So there is no confusion when installing the third party audio card.

If you have done this step and problems still arise, the problem may be with the audio card itself. It may be corrupt or just outdated. This can be fixed by going to the manufacturers website and downloading any patches or updates that apply to that particular audio card.

If all else fails, your last resort is to contact the technical support of your audio card's manufacturer. While this may not be a quick fix, they can provide you with the correct information needed to make their sound card work properly.

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