If online poker is war, you need weapons to win it. There are actually many tools that are specially made available for the poker players to have an edge over the other poker players. Some of the tools like databases of hands history, computer playing and other such helpful programs, online assistants and many other guiding tools, can help you outperform the others only if they are used properly. It will also help you to increase your profits dramatically.

The online poker assistants are generally called bots and they help the player in making decisions through the game. It is especially designed for the purpose of assistance to the players but they are not very safe and strong for that matter; if it is tracked that the player is using the assistant software, that participant may be taken from the room and all his credits can get forfeited from the account. This type of software generally helps in preparing statistics showing hand odds, playing styles of different players calls, raises or fold in real play.

It is a common application offered by the rooms, made available to all the players to download all the hand histories, the winning hand rate analysis, oppon hand calculations, replays, position analysis and such other useful facilities, but checking out and analyzing the hands of multiple players can be really cumbersome and tiresome at times. Two of most popular tools are the Poker Tracker and Poker Office, which is widely used in the online poker rooms.

Free poker playing tools has started to give free poker playing tools like odd calculators, which come very handy in games like the Omaha, the Texas Holdem and the Seven Card Stud poker. There are other tools as well like the tournament equity calculators, which generally add to the game knowledge of the player and aid in improving the skill of the player.

Computer Playing Programs are applications that help a player to practice and improve his gaming skills without risking any money for that. These also offer advice; help the player analyze the situation and make proper decisions.

Although online poker is a just a means of entertainment and renovation for most people, it is taken seriously by most of the players, who spend a good amount of their time and energy in improving their game and these poker tools actually help them through the process , helping them to analyze the scopes and restrictions of the game, adding up to their knowledge base, which will very well let them make a dramatic increase in the money account.

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