People who use Windows systems have likely met with Windows system errors such as runtime errors, missing DLL files, Svchost.eve errors, corrupted registry entries, startup errors, freezes, blue screen of death, blank screen, system crash and so on.

Some errors can be solved manually or by using some repairing tools

Some errors which caused by slight malfunctions of software or device drivers can be fixed by a simple uninstallation or update. But the errors which are caused by missing or corrupted system files are very hard to fix completely such as runtime errors, missing DLL files, Svchost.eve errors, corrupted registry entries, startup errors, freezes, slow computer and so on. To fix one of these system errors means you need to know what the problem is first and then find a applicable solution to it.

For example, runtime errors are usually caused by Conflict with TSR, software malfunctions, infection of viruses and so on. To fix it, you will need to find out the issue which causes the runtime error. It means you will need to deal with all of the possible issues.

For example, miss DLL files are also very frustrating problems to most people. A DLL file, which contains functions that are used by several programs to perform a certain operation, is easily deleted by a simple uninstallation of other software or overwritten by a bad installation of a program. When a DLL file is missing or overwritten, some operations will not be executed. This will not only lead to a “Couldn’t find ****.dll file” error message but also other serious problems like blue screen, Windows startup error and even crash.

When those problems happen, it’s hard to fix them manually. You can resort to some repairing tools to fix them with patience.

Some errors cannot be solved

But some errors such as startup errors, Windows loading problem, blue screen, blank screen and crash, cannot be fixed. When one of these problems happens, it means some important system files are missing or damaged and Windows cannot recover from the system malfunctions. If you are not lucky and meets with these serious problems, you will have to reinstall your Windows to get rid of them.

Normally it takes half a day to reinstall Windows system and other programs like Micro Office, Firefox, MSN and so on. If you are a business man or stock investor who must deal with some very urgent stuff right away or you will lose tons of money, will you wait several hours until your computer are reinstalled and the tools are set up? You cannot afford any time waste in such a situation.

System Restore – The Best Solution To All System Errors: Quick And Easy!

Is there a quick way to recover a computer in seconds? Of course! If you are using Windows XP, you can use the System Restore which can help you restore the system to a previous state on condition that you have created a restore point previously.

But System restore has a lot of shortcomings. To restore the computer, you will need to log in Windows system first. But when you experience blue screen, blank screen and crash, you probably are not able to log into Windows, not to mention system restore. And it’s only based on Windows XP system and other systems are not supported such as Windows 7, Vista, 2000, ME.

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