The presence of videos in websites is the latest trend that is being followed in video marketing and internet advertising campaigns. It is has been widely accepted by web surfers across the globe and is being considered as a good way to drive traffic to a website. The presence of online video reduces the complexity of the contents to the reader, presenting simple effects in a modulated easy to understand format, reducing a great deal of time for reading and understanding. The high band width and easy accessibility of the internet helps a great deal in making the presence of video most popular. The trend of uploading videos along with blogs to propagate more popularity and credibility of the writer has become quite popular in video marketing and internet advertising.

Visitors to a website have quite a lot of information and they do know well, what to expect from the website and are generally very quality conscious. Analyzing each site for its quality displayed is a common action for each viewer. They know what is right and wrong and what all is in trend and not. Practically professionalism and perfection is what the viewers seek in each product and its advertisements. The quality of video displayed is a reflection of how professional or serious a company is about its business. It is for this reason that good companies prefer to hire professional video production firm for the purpose of internet advertising and video marketing.

The streaming of video has become so common that even personal blogs are now focusing on embedding videos to drive visitors to the site. The web surfers when search for certain information from popular sites, they give weight age to the quality of presentation. If the site gives additional link to videos uploaded in popular sites like You Tube, such actions are considered as a handicap and nobody would think very about a website which can not display its own original videos. The credibility of such sites will be lost in the first hit itself; it can there before have a very negative impact on the internet advertising and video marketing campaign.

The link to external sites like YouTube is accepted with phenomenon like entertainment. But when deal with professional works, there is a possibility of losing the charm and substance of professionalism with You Tube videos. The main aspect is with the quality of the video. The quality is incredibly lost when propagated with aid of such platforms. Another important aspect is the rights with the video are lost for the actual owner. Any changes needed may not be implemented in such scenarios. The advertisers also may fail to cultivate the brand building they tend to implement. These common platforms even have the habit of projecting their own brand and logo over the manufacturers. The manufacturer's logo may be blurred in many cases, which leads across undesired effects that the actual effect the manufacturer has spent money for. It is there since considered as a good idea to hire a professional video production to do the job rather than using YouTube videos.

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