Yesterday, a friend told me that his iTunes along with QuickTime was corrupt because of the Trojan virus. Worse, when he was going to re-download the iTunes he was told that the QuickTime must be removed before fully downloading the iTunes product. So, how can you heal this frustrated situation? The following passage is a cure.

For the first thing, you should check in the C disk of your computer to see if the four directories (listed below) that iTunes left on your system still exist before the removal:

C: Program FilesApple Software Update
C: Program FilesBonjour
C: Program FilesiPod
C: Program FilesiTunes
C: Program FilesQuickTime

If you could not remove them with Add or Remove Programs on the control panel. Then, you should go back to the Programs Files in the C disk and manually delete the folder of Quick Time by right click.

For the second thing, please check in the Registry Editor and manually delete the registry keys as listed below:
HKEY_CURRENT _USER / Software / Apple Computer, Inc.
HKEY_CURRENT _USER / Software / Apple Computer, Inc./iTunes
HKEY_CURRENT _USER / Software / Apple Computer, Inc./iTunes/Parental Controls
HKEY_CURRENT _USER / Software / Apple Computer, Inc./Quick Time
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Apple Computer, Inc./iPod

As for how to open the Registry Editor, first you should go to the Start menu and click "Run". Then, type in regedit in the pop up box and expand both the main registry keys, HKEY_CURRENT _USER / Software and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE /.

For the last thing, if it is impossible for you to take the risk to manually remove all traces of iTunes due to your little computer knowledge, then you are not so confident that you can do the removal by yourself with the instructions given.

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