"ThinkPoint" is a common rogue antivirus application which has been designed by scammers to try and con you into buying the fake upgrade to the software, as well as trying to steal your passwords & other personal information. Like the other fake antivirus tools now stalking the Internet, ThinkPoint has been designed to try and lure you into thinking it's a legitimate software tool by performing fake antivirus scan … but the truth is that this is a thinly-disguised virus that will do nothing to help your PC. The longer you have this virus on your system, the more damage it's going to cause to your identity and computer security. You need to remove it as completely & effectively as possible, which is explained in this tutorial.

What Is ThinkPoint, Exactly?

The ThinkPoint program is just a virus that has been designed to act like a legitimate piece of software. Industry experts call this infection a "malware" (malware software) virus because of the way it will install a working software application onto your computer and then try and perform its malicious activities with that program.

Typically downloading itself onto your PC from the likes of a rogue download, fake email attachment or infected website, ThinkPoint will just show up on your computer and then start to prevent you from being able to use your PC correctly. If you have this virus on your system, it's vital that you are able to get rid of it in the most complete way possible to ensure that it will either come back or continue to steal your personal information.

How To Get Rid Of ThinkPoint

The way to get rid of this infection is actually surprisingly easy (most "rogue antivirus" programs are very difficult to remove). You can get rid of it by following the steps below:

  1. Load up your PC like normal
  2. When you see the "ThinkPoint" splash screen, select "Safe Startup"
  3. Let the program try and show you some fake antivirus scans
  4. After the scan, select "Continue Unprotected"
  5. Then click on "Settings" and at the bottom of the new Window tick the checkbox
  6. Exit ThinkPoint

This will allow you to stop the program running, and then use a removal tool called an "anti-malware" application to get rid of it for good. Because this virus is basically just a software program, you should be able to use a malware removal tool to scan through your computer and get rid of all the parts of it that are infected. We've found that using a program called XoftSpy is the best way to remove the ThinkPoint infection completely. You can use this by downloading it to your PC, installing it onto your computer and then letting it remove all the infected parts of the ThinkPoint virus that are on your PC. This will get rid of the infection for good.

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