If your computer has been running slower than normal it is probably due to your Windows registry becoming too full or cluttered. Therefore, in order to maintain your computer performing as you would expect, keeping this registry clean is of vital importance. However, many people do not know how to do this easily, without causing harm to their computer, and may not even know what the Windows registry does, or where it is saved.

Your registry is the partition of your computer where Windows saves any changes made to your software and other settings. This includes all installed programs, but also file dependencies, serial numbers, and other critical information that computers require to run effectively. In this way, it is no surprise that regularly scanning for errors in your Windows registry can improve the speed of your computer, as well as preventing any unnecessary problems in the future. Failure to keep your registry clean can also result in system crashes, software malfunctions, and other costs issues.

Although it is possible to clean and repair your Windows registry manually, it is much easier and safer to acquire registry cleaning software to do the work for you. These programs automatically scan for errors and correct problems, so anyone can set up the software, regardless of their experience of computers. Once the software is running, you can see just how much your computer is in need of data repair. The registry cleaner can then resolve any errors it has found, which is extremely helpful, especially considering that a normal registry can have thousands of them.

You can manually edit your Windows registry, this would be virtually impossible unless you are a computer expert, as you will just be presented with a list of cryptic codes and numbers which is indeciperable to the average computer user.

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