One of the really fun things about World of Warcraft is the amazing number of videos related to the game that are available on the internet. World of Warcraft videos can be more entertaining than anything you'll see on television today or at the movie theater next week. Admittedly, that's not saying a whole heck of a lot, but it's still something.

To think that watching a video made from a video game would be entertaining even without the context of necessarily knowing what's going on would be unthinkable to most people. But even if you've just started playing the game and are not familiar the places, characters or events going on inside these videos, they can still capture your imagination.

In most of the World of Warcraft videos, the animation is smooth and the direction is top notch. In fact, many animated television shows and movies suffer in comparison. While most are not very long and exist primarily as commercials that are not nearly as annoying as the real thing, some of them also contain valuable information and fascinating background on the game. For instance, you can track down interviews with game designers in addition to your basic trailers.

The number of web sites on which these videos can be found is nothing short of astounding. Although more than just a handful of them require that you be a member to access and download their video collections, there are many sites out there that offer up completely free access to their videos. No matter what your preferred method of video playback on your computer – both PC and Mac – you can find quality video to download.

While the trailers and other advertising-oriented videos are the highest quality, some of the World of Warcraft videos that are the most fun to actually watch are the ones made by the players themselves. Many of these feature not just screenshots of the game, but footage of the players, often acting out little plots that tie in with the screenshots. Among the trend in making homemade WoW videos are producing little music videos that combine game screenshots with a storyline and a musical soundtrack, often an original song produced by those making the video.

Because there are so many moviemaking software programs out there that essentially let your capture video from any source and combine them together, the possibilities for making one's own World of Warcraft video is ultimately endless. Indeed, the only limit to what could possibly be done with the wealth of raw material available would seem to be the filmmaker's own imagination. And with so many web sites devoted to showcasing these videos, a player with a little video editing know-how stands to get his masterpiece seen by more people will see the average winner of an independent film festival.

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