Backing up your computer is very important due to all the threat's computer's face today. Did you know that your hard drive can take a "fail" on you at anytime. Despite how new the hard drive is, it still can happen. Some threats the hard drive faces are hardware failure, malware, spyware and viruses.

Now that you know the bad news here is the good. You may be thinking "I can just back my computer up to get greatly increase my chances of saving my hard work." You are correct. It is that simple.

Backing up your computer for some people can actually save their job. Take me for an example: I am an architect and I work for my brother on a computer repair business. My architect boss has been asking me all week for a blueprint and I finally finished it. Right before I was about to email it, guess what. My laptop got hit with the hardware failure aka blue screen of death. Luckily, I have a habit of manually backing up my files when I finish with them. So I was already a third of the way done.

You can not believe how many people ask me "How do I get my files back because my hard drive just crashed". I tell them all "You can not get files off of a dead hard drive". What you do not back up you have a risk of losing and that's it. Some people may find backing up time consuming but really it's not. You will especially think it's not when your taking the time to redo all the work you lost.

Backing up photos, music, emails, videos, documents is easier than ever with online back up services. Online backup is the easiest way of making sure your files stay safe.

There are three easy steps for online back up.

1. Choose the files or folders to backup. Most online back up services let you create a backup schedule for your files to automatically be backed up for minimal risk. Without you having to do anything the services runs in the background backing up your files for you.

2. Press the back up button if you are backing up manually or run it on a schedule. Good job! Your files are now uploaded to the cloud. The cloud is an online storage area for all the files you can imagine.

3. Access Your Files From Anywhere, At Anytime. All you need is the internet. Only you can access your files.

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