Businesses that are hit by malware can pose serious dangers to customers and can end major financial hardship themselves. Recently, two hospitals were victims of malware attacks that could have been helped or stopped by using code signing digital certificates.

CSO reports that in early February Goshen Hospital in Indiana had to contact 12,000 people after malware was able to breach security systems and compromise personal information. Those affected, which represented primarily of graduates and individuals who had applied for jobs at the hospital, had their private information put at risk, including their names, addresses and Social Security numbers. Techworld said another hospital, Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia, was hit in December by a virus that forced it to turn away patents.

Protecting computers can be a hard business in this day in age. Companies can not assert anything and need to stay vigilant in their defense against malware, viruses and more. Code signing digital certificates should be used, as these certificates offer many important safety protections. Every different use of code signing can feature a new type of signature mechanism, which will help the company identify the author, meaning companies should know when a scam artist is trying to pull a fast one on them and send a virus or piece of malware over .

Malware gets into a computer and installs a root-kit to cloak its activities. This malicious tool enables scammers to see everything a victim types on his or her computer, which could put email and banking login details at risk. Using code signing digital certificates can be the first line of defense and a way to get clean documents in a transaction. Code signing is widely used by businesses to protect them against viruses and malware and help build trust and credibility among customers and other companies.

With code signing, companies can encrypt, or actually shrink wrap, their information. By doing this, the person who is downloading the software is able to identify it as being from the correct person, which will ensure that the program has not been modified, harmed or tampered with. This knowledge can come in handy regardless if a business is making transactions with a repeat customer or a new consumer.

Code signing digital certificates are an essential tool for businesses that want to stay safe in the age of the evolving viruses and malware. With digital certificates, end users can be sure they are getting secure files and businesses can know their company is in good hands.

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