Nokia brought the world the generation of smart and great phones. For so many years Nokia has been well-known throughout the world for its fast evolution in the path of hottest fads and exigencies. Renowned for incorporating the best technology with the best design, the company has remained on the position of Numero Uno for years. Few months back the co0mpany launched the Nokia 6500 Slide. The new phone became a runaway success. With the amazing integration on style and technology, the new Nokia 6500 slide became very popular with its launch.

The new Nokia 6500 slide masters in alluring the mind of consumers. The phone has loads and loads of useful features. The mobile with a metal body weighs just 125 gms and with extremely sleek dimensions (96.5×46.5×16.4mm). The GSM handset is a 3G enabled phone with Quad-Band functionality. The phone allows high speed and a dependable communication among the users. The high resolution screen with 240×320 pixels comes with 16 million colors making the whole experience very lively. This lively screen has a display of 2.2 inches. The new Nokia 6500 does make a solid style statement. The dazzling mix of Silver and Black color makes the outlook of the phone amazingly attractive.

Nokia 6500 Slide features 20 mb as its internal memory and it supports an external memory of up to 2 GB. The Nokia 6500 features a large phonebook capable of storing 1000 entries. This new phone stands apt on the modern lifestyle demands of transferring data at a very fast speed. This is generally carried out because of incorporation on technologies like Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS HSCSD AND 3G in the Nokia 6500 slide. Also the phone features a USB slot which enables it to act as interface while transferring data. The phone has been blessed with 3.15 megapixel camera which comes with Carl Zesis Optics lens. The camera brings out remarkably clear high quality photos. The functionality of auto focus helps in to bring out such clear pictures. The new Nokia 6500 Slide comes with lot more cookies such as FM Radio, music player, video player, push to talk button, etc. making it one of the best gadgets around.

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