With so many registry cleaners on the market, it's important that you know your one is going to give you the best cleaning for your PC. However, with all sorts of promises and claims floating around, which registry cleaner is the best?

The fact is that all registry cleaners do the same job. They all clean out corrupt files from a part of your system called the registry. This is a huge database which stores 100,000's of settings for your computer. Everything from your desktop wallpaper to your latest emails are stored in this database, making it one of the most used parts of your computer system, and it's also got a tendency to become corrupt and damaged.

When parts of your registry become corrupted, your PC starts to run slower as it takes longer to read the registry files. It can also develop a series of errors which are extremely annoying … so it's important that we can use a registry cleaner to fix the most problems on our computers.

From our experience, the best registry cleaner is one which has only been available for about 2 months. This registry cleaner is called "RegFresh" and it's creating a storm on some highly popular download sites, thanks to the advanced technology it has powering it. Because RegFresh is so new, it's actually got one of the most powerful scanning engines on the market, allowing it to constantly find the most problems on your computer, giving you the ability to stop all the errors and speed up your PC dramatically.

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