There is a good news for the users who want to integrate Vista with SP1. One can now slipstream the new released service pack into Vista without going through the process of reverse integrating. Slipstreaming is now possible by just downloading a software called vLite v1.2 Final and then sit back and see how easy the process of slipstreaming has been made (thanx to the creators of vLite). The whole process is explained as to how one should go about slipstreaming the Vista SP1.

Launch the application vLite and then browse for the drive where the Vista DVD is loaded. It will ask you for the path as to where it has to copy the files. Give the path and then the process of copying files will start (will take around 5 mins). After the copying is finished it will ask you the version, select the one you want (I would recommend Ultimate version as it contains all the features). The then in the next Task selection screen check the Service Pack Slipstream and Bootable ISO option. Next comes the Slipstream task screen where you have to browse for the service pack and then it will start the integrating process which will normally take around 60-90 mins. And after the whole process is completed next coming the ISO screen wherein you have the options of creating an image on the hard drive or directly burning it onto a DVD.

Please not that while the slipstreaming of Windows Vista SP1 (32-Bit) is possible from Windows XP and Windows Vista (32-Bit), one can not slipstream Vista (64-Bit) One has to install Windows Vista (64-Bit) version before slipstreaming the service pack onto it.

Now when you complete the whole process given above sometimes you may come across some errors which I encountered during the slipstreaming process. I got an error when i tried to burn it onto a DVD that the image can not be burned onto a DVD as its size is bigger than 4GB and it gave me an option of rebuilding the image. In that you will get 3 options out which I Recommend you to select the first option of Rebuild one as it decrees the overall size of the image (it integrates only the version you selected in the beginning of slipstreaming as there is no point in including all the versions as it integrates only the one version which u opted for). I would also recommend to turn off Antivirus protection as it sometimes interrupts the process of slipstreaming (In my case i got a blue screen error when I tried to slipstream with antivirus enabled).

If you encounter any more errors visit vLite site alternatively you can email me with your questions which I will try to resolve.

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