Defense Center is a common software program that downloads onto Windows computers and then pretends to scan your computer for viruses. If you have this infection on your PC, let me tell you now that it's not what it might first appear – and is actually a very contagious virus, which has been designed to try and extort money from you. Spread through the likes of false antivirus websites, Trojan Horse infections and even email attachments, this virus can strike at any time, from anywhere. The good news is that you can remove it reliably easily if you're able to remove the various parts of it which cause the most problems on your PC.

Unbeknown to most people, the Defense Center infection is actually continuously causing your computer a lot of problems as it has several highly damaging components. Many security commentators have described the type of infection that it is (a rogue antivirus program) to be like an iceberg – which has a lot of issues "under the surface". Apart from the annoying application is in view, this virus will also have a lot of unseen threats, including the likes of files & codes which continuously scan your computer for your personal & banking details. This makes complete removal of this program quite tricky, if you do not know exactly what to do.

In order to successfully get rid of this virus, you need to take several steps to ensure that all of its infectious elements are removed successfully. The first step to ensure that the fake application (which shows fake antivirus results) is removed from your PC, and then that the "background" components, which many people claim are the most damaging parts of this infection, are also removed. You could try and do this manually, by removing the contents of these folders on your hard drive:

  • c: Documents and Settings All Users Favorites
  • c: Program Files Defense Center
  • % UserProfile% Desktop
  • % UserProfile% Start Menu Programs Defense Center

Although manual removal of this virus may be possible, it's not recommended. The problem is that even though you may be able to get rid of the fake application, the likelihood is that you will have the remaining hidden parts of the virus. To completely remove this infection, it's advised that you should use a program called "XoftSpy", which is an anti-spyware tool. Developed by a leading software company in Canada (called Pareto Logic), this anti-spyware program is one of the best for removing fake antivirus programs such as Defense Center. To use this program, you should download it onto a USB / CD and then install it onto your infected computer. After installation, this program will then perform a "deep scan" of your PC – which should remove any parts of the infection from your system. After a restart, this should help your system run smooth again.

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