Ever wonder why sometimes, the scene you see inside the viewfinder of a camera is not exactly the scene that is captured in the photograph you have taken? This is because some models do not have automatic moving mirror system that is present in single-lens reflex cameras or SLR.

It has been noted that before the absorption of this technology, most models utilize two optical light paths-one is directly going through the lens that capture images, the other is slightly off and is directed towards the eyepiece or viewfinder. This is the reason why the photograph taken is slightly different from what to photographer sees. With the advent of the SLR technology, photographers can capture in the frame what needs to be captured.

But digital models have under the success of SLR. And previewing the shot on the LCD screen seemed to be the way to go for most people. After all, it does not matter to them if their shots are not perfect as long as they are clear. The good thing about most digicams today is that they have live-preview capability. That means that even if some people prefer to use the LCD display rather than the viewfinder, what they see on the display is what will actually come out in the photograph.

One of the advantages of a single-lens reflex model is that it has a wider aperture range (or the device that controls the amount of light that passes through the lens). Because of this, a photographer will have a narrower depth of field as he can shoot in low-light conditions without using flash. A more dramatic photo can be achieved because of the depth of field, which is essential when you want to make your subject more prominent than its background. Also, there are models with lenses that have long focal lengths. This will help a photographer to shoot his or her subject at a distance without compromising the quality of the photograph.

But single-lens reflex models are not without disadvantages. The most notable of all is its size. Since these units have a pentaprism and mirror box, it needs a larger case. It is also because of that mirror box that simple wide-angle lenses could not be incorporated. In lieu of the simple lenses are retrofocus designs that are more complex. You can not even have a live preview on the LCD display of digital single-lens reflex models. You still have to preview the shot through the viewfinder. This minor setback, however, will be resolved with the arrival of new products in the market this year and in 2009.

They say a good camera needs a good photographer to take good pictures. But if you are still learning the basics of photography, it's good to know that some cameras will help you achieve success in taking photographs. Most models are equipped with certain features, which you can use to your advantage. Still, to get the best photos, a photographer would have to rely on his or her instincts and skills. Features will only make it easier.

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