Does Windows 7 run slower and slower? How to speed up this new operating system? This article is intended to give you more information of this new OS and help you speed up your Win 7.

Windows 7, a new PC operating system of Microsoft, has been released to public users on October 22. Comparing to Windows XP and Vista, it is intended to be simpler and easier to use. We are all amazed at its wonderful desktop, customizable interface and fast boot. Moreover, it takes less memory and CPU usage and is faster than any other operating systems of Microsoft.

But the development team still use the main design framework of existing OS when they engineered it. That is, Win 7 still use registry to save the settings and information of the system programs, software and device drivers. The performance of the computer still mainly depends on the registry.

When your computer runs slow, it means that you should scan your registry and optimize computer thoroughly. But there are a few registry optimizers designed for this brand-new system. A lot of software and programs which work perfectly with XP and Vista are not compatible with Windows 7.

And the registry is unique in different OS. If you think that a registry cleaning software that works on XP and Vista can also work on Windows 7, it may lead to unexpected consequences. And if you insist on using a tool which does not work for it, it equals to destroy the registry. This will absolutely result in freezing, blue screen, blank screen and crash. It's vital to use a suitable optimizer for Windows 7.

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