The world of technology has brought us many products that seem futuristic but are really just the result of many years of research and hard work. After all, the future has come to some time, and that time is now. Nobody a hundred years ago would have believed that just listening to sounds could influence the mind so much, but that is the case with a program called iDoser. It is a special program that plays intricate audio files designed to induce experiences in the listener. But how does it work, and what practical purpose can it be used for? That is what I am here to talk about now.

The program functions by using a series of binaural beats to change the brain's frequency and make you feel a certain way. Before I go before, I must define what binaural beats are. They are sounds which have frequencies of the alpha, beta, theta, or delta waves, which are the primary waves that the brain operates in. When combined together in the right way, they form what is known as binaural beats. When your brain listens to these for awhile, its waves begin to take on the waves of the sounds. This is a principle known as the frequency following response, and it has been documented by countless scientific studies.

All iDoser does is take advantage of this phenomenon to produce effects in the individual listening to the program. Many of the "doses", as the audio files are referred to, simulate drug effects like cannabis, opium, and alcohol. Other doses are for more practical purposes, such as meditation and losing weight. In order to get the full experience from a dose, it is critical that you focus on the audio with your total concentration. Then, you will really be able to feel good.

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