Obviously, since you’re reading this article, you’re aware of the fact that antivirus software is crucial to maintaining the health of your computer. Still, you may be wondering what makes one particular piece of antivirus software any better than any of the rest of them. If you were to ask the individual users of these various popular programs what their personal favorite features are, then you’re likely to get as many different answers as there are people who provide them. Still, there are a number of particular features that seem to be popular with lots of folks. We’ll take a look at a few of them.

Intuitive Sensors

Most of the most advanced antivirus programs feature sensors that monitor various components of your system in order to make the best decisions about the actions taken and the timing governing them. For example, let’s say you’re playing one of your favorite games in full screen mode. All of the sudden, your antivirus program has an alert to bring your attention to. Wouldn’t it be better if your software understood that you were in the middle of a game and then displayed the alert in the background instead of interrupting you? Now it will. Another thing these sensors are good for is laptops. If you’ve ever had your battery drained by a scan, then you know how frustrating that can be. Modern antivirus software programs with this feature will detect when your battery is running low and delay the scan accordingly.

Shorter Scans Beginning With the Second One

The first time you scan your computer with a new antivirus program, it’s going to take a while. Of course, we realize that we aren’t telling you anything you don’t already know there. Still, we mention that in order to bring you a piece of news which you’re going to be glad to hear. The best antivirus programs incorporate into their code instructions not to scan files that have already been scanned before unless they’ve been altered in some way. That way, your computer is still protected, but it doesn’t take your software all night to perform the scan every time you run one.

Other Security Features

In addition to the antivirus capabilities themselves, security suites generally also come with other tools which provide you with further protection. One example of such a tool is privacy guard technology. This type of program is designed to protect your passwords, account information, and other sensitive data during your online activities. There are also usually parental controls available in such a suite, so that parents will be able to monitor and regulate their children’s use of the internet. In that latter case, you could be protecting far more than just your computer. You could literally be protecting the very lives of the children whom you love. Lastly, we should mention that one deciding factor for many customers is the question of what kind of additional support the package comes with. That’s one excellent place to focus your comparisons.

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