Surveillance systems include hidden cameras, monitors and recording devices. Although they are sophisticated cameras and systems, surveillance is inexpensive and very easy to install and use.

Surveillance systems and hidden cameras are very flexible and allow you to expand as your business or need grows. There are many optional portable DVR surveillance systems making it convenient to monitor the area (s) from anywhere online including your cell phone.

Businesses often display their monitors. Monitors are the screens that show what is going on as it happens. Many public places place monitors in public locations, so that people know that they are being recorded. Often these monitors are used by the owners or security guards to keep an eye on areas from behind the scenes. Wide angle cameras are often used by companies or offices inside and outside of facilities. They can be mounted on walls or ceiling brackets.

Hidden cameras and surveillance cameras are now available to everyone. They are the ideal protection for your children, family, home, business or property. Simply consider your use and their purpose before purchasing one of the many hidden cameras and / or surveillance systems on the market to make sure that it is the right one for you. Since theception of hidden cameras, quality, installation and price reductions have definitely made them accessible for everyone.

Today domestic abuse is a real factor which drives people to take measures to ensure their children and or parents are being cared for properly. A home security camera system is ideal for the managing caregivers because you can use simple to install obscure hidden cameras and stream the video to your cell phone or computer.

How do you determine which type of Hidden camera best suits your needs? Well, there are some basic things to consider.

1) Do you want real-time monitoring or do you want to record? There are IP cameras which allow you to view video live over the internet or your phone. If you want to capture the entire day / night period, you can use a DVR system that records it to watch at a later time.

2) Wireless or wired? Wireless cameras are really great because you can place them anywhere. Most cameras come with a wireless receiver that your computer or DVR set can access. Wired cameras would have to be placed in an area that plugs into an outlet so additional effort is required with installation since the cables must be hidden to your recording device and computer to maintain the integrity of what you're trying to accomplish. The advantage of a wired system is that you do not have to rely on batteries.

3) What are the Lighting Conditions? Be sure to factor this when purchasing a camera. If you are more concerned with security, then you should purchase a camera that works well with low-light. If you are unsure of lighting, X-vision cameras are a good option. X-vision cameras are black and white recording only, which is usually suitable for most needs. Color cameras are available for additional costs if necessary.

4) Do you want to monitor a single room or multiple spaces? There are hidden cameras that will fit into any office or home and go completely unnoticed. These cameras have two functions and serve multipurposes. For example the radio alarm clock hidden camera is perfect for night stands; in fact the alarm and radio work independently. A children's room could have a camera hidden in a stuffed animal, air fresheners, wall clocks, plants, or tissue boxes.

5) Do you want to monitor something inside or outside or both? This will determine the type of camera and the type of DVR that you would need.

6) How much do you want to invest? The good news is that you can get a high quality hidden camera for under $ 50. Many of the cameras can also be adapted to a larger security surveillance system at a later date.

There are hidden cameras of every shape, size and kind on the market today from sophisticated network camera systems to hidden teddy bear cameras. Just be sure to identify your current and future needs before selecting a surveillance camera or system.

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