Extreme Security 2010 is a fake anti virus program which is designed to extract money from the users. It automatically redirects the browser to unreliable and fake website showing scan results of virus threats present in your system. It misleads the user for buying licensed version of the software for cleaning your computer from Trojans and viruses. Your computer may get infected if you visit suspicious websites and download files and videos from there.

It displays alerts as pop-up ads which indicate the requirement for buying the licensed version of Extreme Security 2010 for removal of spyware and viruses detected in the system. Removing this spyware from your system is not as easy as it disables the task manager of your PC. It is extremely dangerous as it may install additional spyware to your computer and displays fake security messages whenever you switch on your system.

How to Remove Extreme Security 2010

If your system is infected you need to remove this spyware by using following steps:

In order to Remove Extreme Security 2010, you need to reboot your computer in safe mode using F8 key to prevent any data loss. It is important to delete windows registry entries which have been created by the malicious program after creating a backup of the windows registry. You may search the files with its name and once the malicious files are found, delete them. Although it is possible to manually remove Extreme Security 2010, such activity can permanently damage your system if any errors are made in the process, as advanced spyware may automatically repairs itself if not completely removed from the system.

If you are unable to remove Extreme Security 2010 manually, you need anti-spyware program. You need to close all the running applications and select scan option after installing it. It is effective and performs full scan and displays the results of the infected files and threats. It removes the detected threats and removes the malicious files from your system. The default settings of your system can be restored using using windows maintenance program. It restores your computer settings which were changed due to virus threat and results in better PC experience with high speed.

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