A proven battle plan would show Brenda how to get him back fast. Typically, women do not think in terms of battle plans, but Brenda was a war veteran just home from Afghanistan only to find that Paul, the love of her life, had met someone else and had been fooling around while she was gone.

Kind of a rotten deal, but Brenda knew that Paul really still loved her and she also knew that she still loved him. She had seen too much and was through too much to give up without a fight.

This new girl just was not Paul's type at all. He liked the outdoors natural loving aspect of Brenda, and he liked her self-confidence, and her ability to make quick decisions. He like strength in his women and Brenda knew it.

Brenda knew in her heart, that Paul would not want this woman, Jill, over time. She was a bookworm, she liked to be wined and dined, and she enjoyed seeing and being seen, you know the high society type. She like putting on the dog; Brenda had known her in college and she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paul could not possibly be in love with this type of woman.

Brenda's 'How to get my ex back fast' battle plan was drawn up quickly and she began to initiate the first step within days of her return from the war. mighty had a chance to get her claws in too deep.

The first thing she did was to get her body looking good again. While she was in top physical condition, she had not exactly been anywhere to get her hair and nails done. So, she made an all day appointment to the salon. She got a manicure, pedicure, a new hairstyle, and a massage.

She really felt and looked good when she left the salon that day, and more importantly to her plan, she looked and felt like the woman Paul had first fell in love with. He was wildly attracted to her before and he would be again if things went according to plan. By the time she was through she would be able to write a book about how to get back together with your ex.

The next part of the battle plan was a little tricky, but since Brenda knew Paul's haunts, she thought she could pull it off. She scheded up a date with a Jerry, a friend who was also a good friend of Paul's. She was up front and honest with Jerry, he was game for the plan. They just happened to go to the same place where she knew Paul would be on that Saturday night.

Brenda politely spoke to Paul, and then proceeded to act like she was having the time of her life with Jerry. She could see from across the room that Paul was getting more fumed by the minute. He was definitely jealous; Brenda could feel it. The outfit she had on that night was Paul's favorite. Paul just sat over at the table with Jill and steamed. Her plan was working just as she thought it would.

Next, Brenda just sat back and waited. Sure enough, the next day Paul called and said he missed her, he had made a mistake dating Jill, he was sorry, and he wanted another chance. Would she consider getting back together with him, he asked?

Brenda's battle plan outlining how to get him back fast had worked like a charm, but really Brenda knew that it would not have worked if both of them had not still loved each other.

So how to get back together with your ex involves three simple steps, first make sure that you both still love each other, then look and feel your very best, and then design a situation that will make him jealous, then wait for him to come running back to you.

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