I decided to install a security system in my home when someone climbed onto my balcony and tried to break into my house. I was home at the time and I immediately called the police. Whoever tried to break in was long gone by the time the police got to my house.

I know some people who had ADT Security. So I spoke to them and asked about how they like the service and if I should go with ADT or not. After talking with them, I decided to call them and set up an appointment for someone locally to come to my house.

The trained installer came out, did a walkthrough of the house and suggested different systems I could have installed. I did not want anything fancy. I asked the installer were there any specials going on that I could take advantage of. I decided to go with their cheapest system which was the Safewatch QuickConnect system.

I have had the system for about 4 years years now. I paid off the security system and I pay a small monthly fee for monitoring services. The only issue I've had with the system was one of the door sensors fell off and I did not know it. So, my alarm could not be armed and I had no idea why until I saw that the sensor for the back door was on the floor. Once that was solved, my system worked fine.

Whenever there were power failures at my house, the backup battery on the panel would operate which kept the system working. The backup battery will only last for a certain amount of hours. One time, the power failure at my house lasted for more than one day and the backup battery was used up.

This caused an irritating, constant beeping. I did not know where the beeping was coming from. I thought it was my smoke alarm. But, I finally tracked it down to the control panel. I did not really know how to turn it off, so I just pressed in the code I use to disarm the system and that worked.

Other than that, I have no real problems with my ADT security system. I can say that I am a satisfied customer. If you're thinking about getting one, I highly recommend it.

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