Registry cleaner programs are very abundant todaydays, with many different companies offering them. This is all well and good but we need to be sure that the registry cleaner is actually going to help our computer before we use it … because there are a LOT of horror stories out there claiming of registry cleaners ruining their computers.

The fact is that cleaning your computer's registry is all about consistency and intelligence. The best registry cleaner will be able to find all the corrupt / damaged files and then will be able to clean them all safely and efficiently. Most of the less quality registry cleaners do is actually try and find as many "corrupt" files as possible in an attempt to look the best.

When you have a registry cleaner which is just focused on how many files it can clean, not the quality of its scan, you end up trying to fight a losing battle, while the registry cleaners will just implode the registry and ruin your computer. you need to be very careful when tampering with the registry because it's critical for Windows. If your accidently delete a critical file inside it, you're going to be on the fast track to destruction-ville as far as your PC is concerned.

From our experience, the best registry cleaner which you can download for free is one called "RegCure". It's already been downloaded 60 million times and has a very strong set of features which protect it against some of the most common and costly problems that registry cleaners have.

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