If you want to keep your house, family or work safe then the best way to do this is with a video surveillance system. Not only do these deter any potential criminal, but in the event of a break-in etc you also have a video record of the criminals to help any police investigation. However, it can be expensive to fit and install one of these systems, that's why it's better to make your own security. Keep reading to learn how you can make your own security camera system quickly, easily and cheaply.

Believe it or not, but the basis for building your own surveillance camera system is actually the humble webcam. With modern computer software you can use one of these just as you would use a bulky, expensive security camera that is easily detectable. Another benefit of using a webcam to make your own security system is that they are covert; nobody would expect one to be acting as a surveillance camera.

Therefore, you set your webcam up in the desired position, plug it in to the computer (or use a wireless webcam) and then with your video surveillance software you will have a live feed that can also be recorded. However, what's even better is the fact that with the surveillance software you can then access this camera feed from any computer in the world with an Internet connection, or even any cell phone that has video capabilities. This basically gives you 24/7 security and peace of mind.

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