Windows 7 Error 31 is an upper stack error that occurs while reading the contents from a compact disc. It may also occur when there is a problem with the installation of devices connected to your computer.

Perform the steps given below to fix this error in your system:

1. Delete Upper and Lower Filters from the Registry

2. Remove Obsolete Entries from your Windows 7 Registry

3. Remove Malfunctioning Hardware

4. Use System Restore Option

5. Update Driver Software

Delete Upper and Lower Filters from the Registry

The Local Machine hive of your Windows registry contains Upper and Lower Filters that you are required to delete and recreate automatically at next system reboot. This will fix Windows 7 error 31.

1. Click Start.

2. Type RegEdit and press ENTER.

3. Navigate the following registry hive:


4. Delete the following registry strings:

a. UpperFilters

b. LowerFilters

5. Close Registry Editor and restart your computer. These two deleted strings will be automatically created with appropriate values that are expected.

Remove Obsolete Entries from your Windows 7 Registry

Windows Registry is a sensitive database on your computer that should not contain obsolete and junk entries. Unfortunately, many softwares and incomplete installations create obsolete and junk registry entries. This sometimes results in Windows 7 error 31.

Using Registry Cleaner function of a System Utilities software, you have to find and delete such obsolete and junk registry entries found in the Windows registry.

Remove Malfunctioning Hardware

An unsupported hardware installed to your computer may lead to Windows 7 error 31. The solution is to find the unsupported hardware and remove it.

1. Click Start.

2. Type Device Manager in the Search box and press ENTER.

3. Expand your computer name.

4. You may find a hardware with exclamation mark. For example, your Graphics Card or Multimedia Controller.

5. Right click such hardware and select Uninstall option.

6. Physically remove it from the socket.

7. Restart your computer.

Use System Restore

The System Restore is a utility already installed on your computer that lets you rollback the changes you have made with your system. Using System Restore it is sometimes easy to fix error 31 Windows 7.

1. Click Start.

2. Type System Restore in the Search box.

3. Press ENTER.

4. Follow the on-screen wizard.

Update Driver Software

An outdated version of an application driver in your computer may cause Windows 7 error 31. You have to find out the latest update for it and install it again on your computer.

1. Visit the website of the driver manufacturer

2. Search and download the updates with the help of the driver name/serial number.

3. Download the updated version of the driver(s).

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