I get very annoyed when my computer is slow. There are so many people like me who do not like slow computers or working on them. In those times, when my computer got bad or slow, what I did was I tried thousands of things and this article discusses the best methods I came across. Actually computer slow down is a common problem among everyone and as the computer’s age grow old, they tend to become slower. So what can be done to help them regain their original boost?

Usually the major cause of slowing down of a computer system is because of the registry. Missing links, bad extensions, uninstalled files and shortcuts all contribute to problems in the registry. Too much of these bad files end up in slowing down the system. This happens because all the memory space is occupied by these files and the necessary files do not get adequate space to run. In turn, the resources allocated to them respond slow and adds to the frustration. There are several registry cleaners available for download that are extremely effective in cleaning the registry without worsening the condition. Registry cleaners are designed by programmers and professionals and their main aim targets the keys areas of the registry.

There are some cleaners that are good (and free as well), however there are some that are fake and do not do much work. CCleaner, RegCure and DrReg are some of the best available software online. These are available at a price and free as well. Free version is the lighter version, but it also cleans the registry equally well. There are some areas of the registry, however, that are not covered by lighter versions. Nonetheless, these areas are not that important and can be neglected by common users.

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