If you're using Windows 7 but find it's running slowly, there is actually a secret trick that many computer technicians use to boost the speed of this system. This trick is very simple and at the same time, very effective; allowing your computer to run as quickly and effectively as the day it was bought.

The "trick" that many people use to speed up Win7 is actually to clean out the 'registry' of the system. The registry is like the central nervous system for Windows, storing all the settings and files that your computer needs to read to run. The registry is where your computer keeps settings including your latest emails, desktop theme and even your stored passwords; making it one of the most important & frequently used parts of the Windows system. Despite its introduction in Windows '98, Windows 7 still reliably heavies on the registry to run, and is also at the mercy of its problems.

The registry is like a double-edged sword for Windows – on one hand it's extremely important for your PC while on the other hand it's one of the biggest reasons it runs slow. If you want to speed up your system, one of the first things you should do is to clean out all the problems from this part of your system. The registry is often referred to as the "Achilles Heal" of Windows because the way in which the registry database causes so many issues for your system. What happens is that each time you use your computer, 100's of registry settings are opened at once. This causes Windows to get confused about which settings it has open, leading it to save many of them in the wrong way.And when registry settings are saved in the wrong way, it prevails Windows from being able to read the files it needs to run , leading it to run slower.

The trick to making Windows 7 run faster is to use a 'registry cleaner' (a software program to clean out the registry of Windows) to make your system better able to read the files it needs to run. Registry cleaners are becoming extremely popular online because of the way they are able to fix many issues inside your PC, and are able to make your system run faster. You can get these programs from the Internet and will show you exactly what to do on screen. Many people are using these tools to boost the speed of their computers.

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