If you're trying to use Internet Explorer 9, but find that it's constantly causing a large number of problems for your system, it's vital that you're able to cure any of the issues that it may have. The big issue for this application is that because it's so new, it has a lot of advanced settings which most Windows computers will either be unable to process, or have problems with. To fix the crashes it has, you can use the steps outlined below:

1) Update the Windows System

The first thing you should do is to update Windows itself. This can be done very easily, by clicking on the following steps:

  1. Click Start> All Programs> Windows Update
  2. Select all available updates
  3. Install them on your PC

This will ensure that many of the programs / features which IE9 relatives on to run are actually capable to run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

2) Clean Out The Internet Cache

The next step is to clean out the Internet cache settings of Internet Explorer. This is where your computer keeps all the data & settings that it requires to run the Internet, and is a very important part of your system. To fix the problems with it, you should click on the Start menu, locate Internet Explorer, right-click and then select "Internet Options". In there, you can then remove all the parts of the program which may be causing issues – which can include the likes of having problems with the registry and other parts of your PC.

3) Clean Out The Registry Of Your PC

Finally, I would recommend using a registry cleaner on your system. This software is very popular with people who wan to resolve issues on their computers, and works by scanning through the registry database of your PC and fixing any of the errors which may be inside. This is vital for the smooth operation of your computer, as the registry is one of the largest causes of problems for many Windows systems. The problem is that since the registry stores information including everything from your most recent emails, desktop wallpaper and even your system settings, it's constantly becoming corrupt and damaged – preventing software like Internet Explorer from being able to operate.

To fix this, it's highly recommended that you download a registry cleaner from the Internet, install it and then let it clean out any of the problems that your computer might have.

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