There are many online resources available, that teach Spanish free of charge. Rather one is looking to learn Spanish because of an upcoming visit to a Spanish speaking country, to qualify for a different job, or just because it is something they have always wanted to do, free resources are readily available.

The Why Dictates the How

The type of course that would prove best for the beginner depends on the reason for learning Spanish. If one desires to learn to have conversation with Spanish speaking people, then they should look for a more conversational lesson plan. If one plans on writing and speaking fluent Spanish, then they would need to learn more grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation. There are many online resources available with a focus in these areas, and should be checked out and considered as learning tools.

Other tips for learning Spanish quickly is to study every day, even if it is only for half an hour. Use an online tutorial. Watch Spanish speaking programs or movies. Listen to Spanish music. Watch Spanish teaching videos, Listen to Spanish audio, listen carefully to the accent and try some of the pronunciation. Try to find a Spanish coach, someone willing to help you learn the language.

Although the free online sites do not work well for everyone and one may not want to take the time to sift through the various sites and teaching methods, many do learn from using these free sites.

Better then the Free Alternatives

If the free online sites do not provide enough information or support, or are not teaching fast enough, one should consider a small investment in a tutorial program, such as Rocket Spanish.

This program teaches conversational Spanish and is great for the beginner, or an intermediate learner wishing to expand their language skills. The course includes audio lessons, pain-free grammar lessons in the form of guidebooks and exercises, vocabulary games, audio games, verb games, 24-hour tutorial support, and more. The Rocket Spanish course offers a free 6 day Spanish course and when purchased, a 60 day money back guarantee.

Whatever method of learning Spanish one chooses, the more serious they are and the more time they are willing to put into a course, the more successful they will be. A big part of being a motivated learner is the teaching methods. The tutorial or program should keep the learner interested and provide fun as well as challenges. Learning without the pain may be well worth a small investment.

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