A novice English learner can include adults and young kids. When people imagine English beginners, they tend to frame a picture of adult learners who have joined English learning classes. But contrary to popular perception, early learners can include little kids who barely know how to frame a sentence. Little kids need special care while teaching new languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike English, as it needs to make a good impression on them. This is important as any wrong impression can make it difficult for them to effectively learn English.

Five English learning tips for complete beginners:

1. Positive body language

It is important to have a positive body language when you teach English to young kids. You should have a smile on your face and eager attitude for imparting knowledge. A positive frame of mind and body language builds an all-important rapport with young students. You should be ready to solve whatever doubts they come up with. Adopting this approach works wonders when you are trying to get a response from the kids.

2. Appoint a class assistant

It is a good idea to have someone in the class be your assistant for teaching English. This child should be ahead of others in learning and other activities. What this does is, it gives an immunity confidence boost to the child in question and makes other children more attentive. This also introduces a positive competitive factor in your class.

3. Use visual aids

Kids love images and you should take every advantage of it. While teaching English, you can put the letters and pictures that go along with it. You can also step away from traditional methods of teaching and bringing in technology to play.

For example- You can take the help of CBSE KG class English CDs to aid you in English teaching. You can also take the help of flashcards for learning purposes. PowerPoint presentations can be another stimulating and innovative way of teaching English to complete beginners. The attention of the children can be captured effectively with this method.

4. Use mother tongues

Younger kids are more comfortable with their mother tongue or the language that they use at home. Here, you can make their mother tongue a great learning aid. You can correlate and explain the meaning of the English words and phrases in their mother tongue. This will help them in understanding the different aspects of English learning better.

5. Speak very slowly

Kids are in their initial learning phases and they take time to understand what is spoken. Here, it is very important that you slow down the speed while speaking English words. Fluent people tend to get ahead of them because of their confidence and others, especially kids fail to catch on. Here, it is important to go slow while teaching English.

The above five ways will enable you to take the right path for English learning for kids. You can also buy MH Board class 4 English CDs and encourage the kids to learn English in a more interactive manner.

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