If slim, attractive, and dynamic are adjectives that describe the perfect cell phone for you then the Samsung Galaxy S Android phone is right up your alley. Many people describe it as being capable of giving the iPhone4 a run for its money. This would be a more serious statement if said Apple manufactured device didn’t immediately drop calls when you lightly brushed the bottom of its frame. However, Apple’s failings aside this Samsung designed cell phone is noted as being one of the best Android powered phones on the market currently.

This mobile device is incredibly responsive, easy to use, and has the full range of capacity any super high-end Android 2.1 system will be noted to have. This marks this phone as being a major contender in the market and thus it will be considered both an excellent smart phone and a status symbol for those interested in using it.

Individuals that want more out of their modern smart phone than simply a device designed to call their friends and family will find the Galaxy S meets all of their standards and more. It provides lightning fast internet web-surfing and renders all properly designed webpages perfectly within its screen. The only types of sites that will not render properly have misaligned navigation or CSS structure issues. In short, if the website is designed in a way that makes sense it will be rendered perfectly.

The ability to quickly contact friends on social networking sites, make crystal clear phone calls, and use the Amoled screen to surf the web makes this phone a definite winner. There are dozens of interesting features, and literally thousands of possible apps for this Android 2.1 device.

A smart phone is designed to keep people in touch with each other as well as to entertain. It is also designed for people that have a constantly mobile life-style at work. The Galaxy S is one of the best work phones around due to its high-end design and slim nature. It is neither heavy or bulky. This allows it to be carried into any high powered office meeting or work situation without the need to wear a case clamped to your pants or a large brick-like object sitting in one of your pockets.

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