Have you ever though it impossible to do what you love and get paid? I would enthusiastically tell you that it is indeed possible to find your labor of love and get paid for it! Through using the universal truths I learned from my research of those who had acquired great adversity and came out on top, I offered you the following formula: 6 Steps to the Job you Love

1. Believe it. You must believe that the job you seek is actually
possible for you to attain. It is absolutely necessary for you to be
brutally honest with yourself. Belief is the concrete foundation from
which all of our 'real-life' actions are based. Belief is the critical,
yet most forgotten, ingredient that is needed to bring that into our
lives which we most seek. Do you actually believe that; 1. you are
capable of getting the job-position-career that you seek? 2. that you
whole-heartedly deserve the job-position-career that you seek? If your
mind even hinated that the answer is no, then it is time to go on an
archeological dig,. . . in your mind.

2. Eliminate Career Inhibiting Beliefs. If you answered 'no' to the
question in the last paragraph, then that means you may be in
possession of one or more career inhibiting beliefs. What are those?
A career inhibiting belief is a belief or conviction that you may have
picked up sometimes in your life, through social heredity, that creates
an artificial boundary on your capabilities. It is your individual
responsibility to dig and unearth these boat anchor convictions that
are holding you back. Begin by making a list of what you believe about
your talents and your ability to apply them. (There are more details
surrounding this process in the Layoffshield book) Have you accepted any
convictions, (that were given to you by others, perhaps a relative, or
teacher), about your talents that limit you or your ability to achieve?
Find them. Once and for all, recognize them for what they are; false.

3. Construct your own career beliefs that permit no boundaries. What
would you have to believe about yourself to get where you need to go?
Once you have done a full mental inventory, and you have pushed out all
of the useless, limiting convictions that your thoughts once hinged
upon, it is time to replace those things with convictions that you
architect yourself. Again, I would ask, what would you have to believe
about yourself to get where you need to go? Using the principles of
self-suggestion, repetition, enthusiasm you can effective plant these
new convictions in your mind. Identify your learning style and habitize
your new career beliefs into your mind! There are more details
on how to use this process in the LayoffShield book.

4. Visualize yourself already there. Your mind will attract that which
it dwells on. This is the basic 'law of thought' that countless people
have utilized to build themselves into successful careers. Direct your
energy and intelligence onto imagining the exact and ideal employment
situation that you seek. Concentrate daily on your ideal employment, in
fact, make it a ritual. Everyday, use your imagination and to see
yourself in possession of the exact job and salary you wish to have.
Using your mind this way and visualizing the circumstances you desire
is powerful! It is powerful because you are commanding your brain to draw upon infinite
resources to give you that which you want. Lack of commanding your
thoughts occupy the brain with worry and useless facts, so you have nothing to loose!
Direct thought action of continuously focusing on what you want unlocks the inherent creative powers of the human mind that send you practical ideas that act as the 'stair-steps'
you will take toward your ideal job.

5. Create the opportunity. So many people alibi themselves out of
success through these words: "I never got the opportunity." Empower
yourself by completely placing the success or failure of your career in
your own hands. Create opportunities by applying the lesson that was
taught in the recent movie, 'Robots', and that is .. "See a need, fill
a need. "Engage your initiative and act. Dig into your imagination to
find ways of getting what you want through focusing on the problem
with a positive focus. If there is no door leading to where you need to
go, make one.

6. Never stop. We learn more from our 'failures' than we do from our
successes. We can then there, use that knowledge to make another
attempt, changing the variables lightly. And if we still do not
success, we make another attempt, again changing the variables. Persist
until you get the results you want! Never stop! Persistence is the physical counterpart of
your motive. (You've gotta want it real bad) And, of course persistence
is a personality trait that may be attained through practice. Practice
then builds into habit. The habit of persistence then becomes the
unstoppable juggernaut that will not allow anyone or anything to
stand in the way of you and your dreams. Go now and do not stop!


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