Since I'm in the middle of creating an info product, and since I have clients who want to create them, I thought this would be a good theme for an article. Let me start by telling you about what I'm working on. Then I'll get to all the pieces of the puzzle that make everything come together.

Previously, I was asked to give a presentation on copywriting to my local Glazer-Kennedy chapter. I titled it The ULTIMATE Swipe & Deploy Copywriting Academy. The objective was to show people how to take existing copy from other sources like landing pages, display ads or sales letters and use that source material as a template for creating their own copy. I'm now in the process of turning that presentation into an information product. Here's what I've done so far …

Before the presentation, I started my mp3 player. I captured a decent sound recording.

I wanted to have that recording transcribed. So I looked at oDesk and eLance to see what they had to offer. I chose oDesk and posted a job opportunity. I hired one gal, who did not work out after disappearing into thin air. So I reputed the job and found someone else. The next step was to send her the mp3 file.

As you might have guessed, it was too big to attach to an email. So I uploaded the file to DropBox where I set up a folder for the project and enabled file sharing. DropBox then gave me login information to send out to the transcriptionist via email so she could access the file. When she was done with the transcription, she used the same folder to upload the Word document. That way all our material was in one place.

In addition to the mp3 and transcription, I also had a 10-page workbook and PowerPoint® slides that I wanted to turn into something "bigger." I used Camtasia to achieve this objective.

First of all, I loaded all my slides into Camtasia as individual graphics. Then I loaded my mp3 audio file. Next, I listened to my entire presentation and synched the slide display to the appropriate points in the audio. I also added a snazzy intro piece. I produced the file in a DVD-ready format. (Camtasia lets you choose whether to format a video for the web, screencast, You Tube, and a variety of other choices.) Once complete, it will play like a webinar recording.

Second, I created an instructional video for each worksheet. Using Camtasia, I recorded my voice as I explained how to use each individual worksheet. Simultaneously, I recorded my computer screen as I demonstrated how to fill out and use each worksheet. The final DVD will contain the webinar style video and six or seven "How to Use the Worksheets" videos.

Once all the videos I've created are produced in DVD-format, I'll use Windows DVD Maker (it comes with Windows®) to create the DVD content and menu in a format I can burn to DVD.

Once that is complete, I can upload my content and graphics to Kunaki. There I can order as little as one CD or DVD at a time for just $ 1. That includes the case. But the price goes up for orders greater than five.

The final product will contain an audio CD, the DVD, the workbook, the PowerPoint slides and the transcription with the slides inserted.

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