Burn injuries can happen in a variety of ways. They affect 1 million people annually, and, surprisingly, many of those burn injuries happen in the workplace. In addition to the many ways that people can burn themselves in their homes, burn injuries at work are not uncommon.

Burn injuries at the workplace can happen in a variety of ways. Obviously, anyone who works in a place that uses fire in production or destruction of commodities would be at a risk for burning themselves. Metalworking companies, for example, melt the materials down and have to work with them when they are extremely hot so that they can be manipulated in their softer state.

In addition to using fire for work-related operations, some companies are in buildings that are not quite prepared in the event of a fire. If they do not have fire extinguishers and / or sprinklers systems or a fire alarm system in place, along with appropriate fire escapes and plans of evacuation, the company may be in a position where they are vulnerable to a fire. If the workers are in a place where they would be trapped in an event of a fire, burn injuries can be catastrophic in those circumstances.

Burn injuries do not have to come from fire in the traditional sense. There are many other materials that can cause burns when they come in direct contact with skin. Many chemicals and difficulties can be even more dangerous than fire when it comes to direct exposure. Some pharmaceutical companies and other kinds of manufacturing businesses often use these caustic chemicals that can be very dangerous if the employees are not properly trained and provided with sufficient safety equipment.

Also, some of these chemicals, like some acids, can burn the skin and also be dangerous if ingested. Simply breathing in the fumes from some pains will burn the lining of the throat and lungs, which can be extremely painful and dangerous.

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe work environment for the employees. This can take the form of properly training them to handle dangerous materials, providing special safety equipment, fire protection, and evacuation plans.

Burn injuries are not only extremely painful, but they can be very costly and complicated to treat. Skin grafting procedures are expensive and can often be traumatic for the victim because even after successful grafting, they may not look the exact same.

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