Smart Security is a newly released "rogue antivirus" program which will install itself onto your computer and then cause all sorts of problems for your system. The virus may look like a "real" antivirus program – but is actually a fake which has been designed to steal your personal information and try and con you into buying the false upgrade to the infection. If you have this virus on your PC you should not trust it and need to get rid of it as completely as possible. Fortunately, you can see exactly how to get rid of the infection by using the tutorial outlined below.

This infection is what most people describe as being a "malware" (malware software) virus. This basically means that the virus will install a working software tool onto your PC in order to try and con you into thinking it's legitimate. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that the antivirus program that's installed is actually a fake which will do nothing to help your system, and will do everything to try and get you to buy the worthless upgrade to the program. Typically installing itself from the likes of Trojan Horse viruses, fake email attachments and even rogue downloads, this infection will generally install itself onto your PC and then cause all sorts of problems like disabling the Task Manager and other essential features.

The way to get rid of this virus is to basically get rid of the files it uses and then removing the various infections it has placed into the various Windows folders of your system. The problem most people have with removing this virus is the way in which it will consistently place a large number of hidden files into the "Windows Folder" of your PC, which it will then use to try and steal your passwords as well as to restore the infection if you only partially delete it. Most of the people who attempt to get rid of the virus will only delete its program files (which are listed below), leading the Smart Security backup files will just restore it back onto your PC again.

Smart Security will install itself into this folder of your PC:

  • c: Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Dataae01cc

Removal of the Smart Security infection best done by using what's known as a "malware removal tool". This is a special type of software which will basically scan through your entire system and get rid of all the potential infections that are inside. We've found that program called "XoftSpy" is the best for getting rid of the various pieces of malware which can infect a Windows computer, allowing your PC to run much more reliably and effectively. XoftSpy has been created by a large company called "Pareto Logic" which are trusted through the world for providing effective & reliable software solutions. You should download XoftSpy and then let it scan your Pc – where it will then remove all the infections you may have on there.

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