Not everyone realizes it but motion improves the brains ability to digest information quickly as it takes in all the visual data and then uses it to stay aware of its environment. Thus, many individuals who race motorcycles, fly aircraft, or play fast paced sports seem to be more with it and seem to rate higher on IQ Tests and memory recall testing. Are you surprised? No, I was not either, as it does stand to reason does not it.

If someone stays at home all day and does not go out, they become very familiar with their environments and their brains are not taxed like those that are in constant motion. Why is this you ask? Well, it appears to be connected to the large areas of the brain that process visual and spatial reasoning. They have to work very hard when the scenery is constantly changing and the faster it changes the harder it has to work.

Think about it, because guess what? Kids that play video games have faster recall, and better acuity if they play just 30 minutes to an hour each day. Of course, this also stands to reason and it's no accident. The theory is very similar to the motion method for mind development. And from a personal standpoint, I know that when I was racing motorcycles, street bikes, that I was indeed, extremely alert, and had almost perfect video memory.

I've talked to others who raced and said the same thing, meanwhile the pleasure points of the brain are being drown with chemicals when your adrenaline and heart rates are that high. Still, none of this should surprise either psychologists or neurologists, but it sometimes does, why? I suppose because they've been too busy studying in books to have gone out and experienced it, otherwise they'd know too without reading all my articles on the topic.

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