This is written for all you non-techies who do not know anything about the Linksys WRT54GS or even the difference between a Router and a Modem or a wireless router and a cable router! I was in exactly that position when I started to look into this subject a few months ago. I had a PC and a lap top and so did both my house mates but we had no idea how this actually worked – we did have a basic internet service provider (ISP) that we paid for but nothing else and that was the situation when we all moved in together. For people that spend almost all their leisure time at home on their computer it was a big priority to get our computing system set up fast but none of us knew anything about it. So one of the guys in the house got his girlfriend to come over and have a look at what was up and fortunately she knew a lot about setting up computers and this is what she taught us all – and because it was so useful I want to share so others in the same boat do not have to end the same pain! You can just go out and buy a Linksys wrt54gs which is what you need to share high-speed internet connection via Ethernet and you are all set– almost instantly! This wireless router can cope with up to 4 computers. The transfer rates for wireless are up to 54Mps (802.11g) this is FAST, and certainly fast enough for any home office or small business or like us a shared house where there are multiple computers. In addition you can connect up 802.11b and 802.11g to the router.

This device is seriously that good!

Set Up a Linksys WRT54G Wireless G Router
The Linksys wrt54gs uses WEP encryption to protect your information and keeps your computer secure with a built-in firewall. Linksys have been in business for a long time and have an excellent reputation for their products, when using wireless the security aspect is always important and Linksys give you that security with their wrt54gs.

They have their SpeedBooster built into the wrt54gs and it is supposed to improve wireless network performance by up to 35 percent which I would think would be one reason that you would want to choose this brand over another similar product at a similar price.

So the main reason that you want to buy a wireless router is because you want to share your internet connection with multiple computers instead of paying for individual ISP connections for each single computer. When the router is activated it will operate printers and laptops as well as PCs. But before you can do that you have to get the router set up.

And for this you need an Ethernet cable and you can buy this anywhere like Radio Shack etc.

You are going to attach this cable to your router to this and then you will connect your computer to the router with the other end Find port 2 on the back of the wireless router and plug the Ethernet cable into it, now connect the other end of the cable to the network adapter in your computer system.

When you have your computer connected to the router then you can switch on your computer.

Now just pop the CD that came with your Linksys wrt54gs into your computer's CD drive and wait for it to open up.

When the Menu comes up on screen double-click on the little Set Up icon.

Now it will ask you for a password and you must type in the word "admin" and then click on "OK" when you have done that click where it says "Setup" and choose "Basic Setup" and click on that also Click on the "Administration" tab on the router setup screen. Select the "Management" tab within the Administration menu.

And click on OK to proceed.

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